Kaewsamrit gym provides a service for foreign students of any level. For beginners in Muaythai who want to start with the basics, for those that want to improve their all round level of technique and knowledge of Muaythai and for those that compete and want to prepare for competition both abroad and here in Thailand.

Training in a comfortable, clean, well equipped environment, Kaewsamrit gym’s vastly experienced trainers can focus on whatever part of your Muaythai game that needs attention. They can work on each student as an individual developing a style best suited for them, while working to improve weak points at the same time.

first-bbqWhatever your reasons for choosing Kaewsamrit, our staff have many years of experience to accommodate your Muaythai training needs and with our strong connections to several of the Lumpini and Ratchadamneon stadium promoters and through our own promotions on Thai satellite T.V, we also can provide an excellent opportunity to those that wish to test themselves in Thailand’s Muaythai arenas.


 Morning : 6am-8am

– 6 a.m The morning session starts with a 10-12 kilometer run.

– Pad session with trainer 3-4 rounds of 5 minute duration with one round focusing on boxing and elbows only.

– Bag work 4 rounds of 5 minute duration.

– General conditioning work such as pull-ups, 300 sit-ups

Afternoon :3.30pm-6pm

– 3 p.m skipping for 30 minutes

– Pad work with trainer 5-6 rounds of 5 minute duration with 1-2 rounds focusing on boxing and elbows only.

– Bagwork 5 rounds of 5 minute duration

– Technical sparing 3 rounds of 5 minute duration

– 30 minutes of Clinch and knee work

– Light jog, 2-3 kilometers

– 300 knees on heavy bag and 100 kicks

– General conditioning work such as pull-ups and 300 sit-ups.